We are a sustainable salon. A social enterprise that rescues up to 95% of salon resources from landfill and finds repurposing solutions that benefit our planet, all while supporting the community!


Salon envy is a proud member of the Australian hairdressing council (AHC) is the national voice that connects hairdressing, barber and beauty professionals, educators and suppliers. It exists to ensure a sustainable and positive future for our industry. Since 2010 the AHC has set ethical business standards for salon and registered training organisations (RTOS) members and represents the professional hairdressing industry nationally.


Hair Aid has two main projects: International projects and Hair Aid Community Cuts (HACCs)

International Projects

Hair Aid’s first mission is to recruit and send volunteer hairdressers, from all around the world, to overseas locations to provide free hair cutting training for people living in critical poverty.

Our teams work directly with people living on the street, or slum communities, or with ladies rescued from the sex trade and prostitution gangs.

Our volunteer hairdressers teach our five-day hair cutting course, that gives the skill to cut five basic haircuts. This skill can then be used to start a micro business and create an income to support themselves and their family.

We have been doing this work in the Philippines, Indonesia and Cambodia. In 2019 our projects will expand to Thailand and Vietnam.

Hair Aid Community Cuts (HACCs):

Here’s an important life lesson: no matter how tough you think your life is there’s always someone who must face challenges that are even tougher than yours.

At Salon Envy and Men’s Envy we like to give back to the community too.
Hair Aid’s second mission is to recruit and coordinate volunteer hairdressers to work with organisations in their local community (support organisations, churches, community groups, etc) that support those in our own communities that need a hand.

For all enquiries please contact Jaki directly (03) 5977 2076